Throwing BPMN Error from embedded from - HOWTO?

I’s want to rise BPMN Error from embedded from. Is it possible?

You can indeed.

<button cam-error-code="bpmn-error-543"
 cam-error-message="anErrorMessage" />

Take a look at this section of the docs to learn more about it.

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@Niall Thanks for pointing, that is useful, but at the moment I’d want to rise error in javascript inclusion where camForm is in hands.

In accordance with

have tried camForm.error() but have got js error:

Error: camForm.error is not a function

Here is an example


Both $scope.camForm.error as well as just camForm.error are undefined. 7.10 is in use. It is springboot app, probably some deps are missing. Aren’t they?

try using a new version of camunda.

Unfortunately I don’t rule the service. At any casy it seems

            camForm.fireEvent('error', {
                errorCode: 'myCode',
                errorMessage: message

must do the same thing. But for some reason still can not catch the errorCode with attached event.

Later: No, it doesn’t work.