Timer boundary event on an incident or failed external task

Hello ,
I have an external task that fails after a minute and an interrupting boundary timer on it that would fire after 5 minutes. but it never triggered.
diagram.bpmn (4.1 KB)
what should I do to trigger the timer?


This question was answered in this post already. But if you have any followup questions about the solution feel free to ask.

@Niall ,
the answer you referred to is not for external tasks. my issue is about a failing external task that has a boundary timer on it. I want the timer get triggered even after external task fails

Seems a little strange, why do you want this to happen?
Might be a better idea to have the external task throw an error event and then catch that.

thank you @Niall, throwing an error and catching it looks good.
From your response, I found that in BPMN notation, timer boundary is for normal execution of a task, not for a failed task like mine. is that right?

Indeed, a timer is best used when you want to either interrupt something running or trigger something to run in parallel after a certain time has elapsed.
If something is going wrong, then error or escalation events are the best option.