Timer change


I want to update all the timers of camunda at a time (like I want to postpone all the timers to 2 hrs).
Can I update date value directly in the database?

As I can see the timers are adding in the column DUEDATE_ which is inside of the table: ACT_RU_JOB

I am using version 7.17.


Hey @venky1982!
If you want to do something like this I would recommend another approach. Manipulating entries in Camunda’s runtime database can lead to some problems, which are even more difficult to troubleshoot.

My approach would be to use process-variables for all my timers in the process. You can initialise them with the start of your process.
If you want to postpone them all together now, you simply need to manipulate the process variables. (for instance in another service task which is called when a certain event is triggered)

In my humble opinion that is much cleaner. :slight_smile:
Hopefully that was helpful to you!

if you just needed to defer that time because you had some problem or something, yes, if you updated the value in the DUEDATE_ column it would work.

Each time camunda job acquisition searches for new jobs, they only get jobs that are ready to be taken. The way the timer event works is that it sets this DUEDATE_ column by saying “I will be ready to be picked up only after this time”.
So, if you update this column to any value older than the current date/time, the next poll will already be able to fetch this job.

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