Timer cycle doesnt work .. How can I make a loop unti a condition match or timeout!

Hello there, I’m new with Camunda.
I want to ask you how to create a Loop Every n Minutes until A Condition match or timeout in m Minutes?
I have search for many topics but there’s nothing…
I try to use TimerStartEvent with Cycle in Timer Difinition Type but it doesn’t work exactly.
Here is my model, hope to receive any advice…

There are quite a number of ways to do this. I’ve just picked this method.

Thank you Niall, you save my day!
But can I ask some more question: How does the “Cycle” in “Timer Difinition Type” of a Timer Event work? First I thought it’s like a “loop”, but it’s doesn’t seems to be like that.

If you use an interrupting timer event it won’t cycle because the first time it triggers the process will continue.
If you’re using a non-interrupting timer event then your could trigger it multiple times without moving the state from the timer.
You can read more about in here.

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