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Greetings everyone, I am currently immersed in learning Camunda and BPM. I would like to pose a query to you regarding the challenge I am facing:

In the context of the process, I have configured the timer in pool number 2 as “cycle” type, with the intention to perform 2 attempts. In case neither the person or the process responds (Currently it is as a user task), the flow will continue with the next line until returning to pool number 1 and concluding the process.

The problem is that the process stops on the timer, and unfortunately, I can’t get it to its conclusion.

Here is the diagram I am working on.

diagram_6_external_f.bpmn (27.2 KB)

Thank you all in advance

Hello my friend!

In your process, you have 2 events, message intermediate throw event, and an end event, and this is incorrect… you should only have one arrow (flow) leaving each task.

What you can do is connect this task to a gateway to decide which path to take based on a condition.

Another thing, why do you have a send task, and then a message intermediate throw event, if they both basically serve the same thing?

If your idea is to just send a message to inform the other flow, you can use just one of these for each occasion, and it will make your process much more beautiful, correct and easier to understand.

In your timer, you set that you want to “Repeat” 2 times, but you created an interruptive timer, that is, when your instance reaches that point, the timer would count down 5 seconds and your instance would leave that point…

An interruptive timer would make your instance leave that location.

A non-interruptive timer would keep its instance there, but would create a new token for this instance to perform other tasks, which will follow the designated flow. So you should think about this when modeling.

Another situation… if you click on your timer, you will see that it is not connected to the task…

Because when events are connected to the edge of the task they become “Boundary events”, and this is the main reason why your timer does not work.

Below I will leave a print of your flow with some improvements for you to base your knowledge on.

I hope I helped, and if you have any questions, just call!

William Robert Alves

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Great!!! You are right, I had not associated the timer to the task and I also thank you for the feedback; it works perfectly and the process was much better diagrammed.

Thank you very much!

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That’s great my friend!

I’m happy to be able to help!
And welcome to Camunda fórum! :smile:

William Robert Alves

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