Timer event that needs to be exectued every month


What would be the right way to set a timer that needs to start its work every month ?


The above would be right for months with 30 days, but not all months have 30 days.

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This should work I assume.

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What about if you want it to run on a specific date each month? Like “the second of the month”?

I suppose there is a way to do that which I have not checked. But right now the requirement is that the workflow start at the beginning of each month. R/PT1M is the right way to set the cycle right ?

Thank you

@jwulf on a related topic, I would like to check if the current month is, for example, June. How do i go about it.

A slightly helpful reading i found here but i am not sure if that ‘time’ can be used in a feel expression as the article is not really clear about that

You want it as a locale string?

Maybe a constant array of month names, and then use now() or similar to get the current date, extract the month, convert to integer, and use that as an index in the array?

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Thank you @jwulf! I will consider. If you can please confirm whether R/PT1M is the way to set the timer cycle so that it starts every month.

The correct expression is R/P1M. The expression R/PT1M would start the timer every minute.

You can retrieve the current month using the following expression: month of year(today()). See here: https://camunda.github.io/feel-scala/1.12/feel-built-in-functions#month-of-year

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Thank you very much