Timer started process, on multiple deploys?

Hi folks

Not tested this nor have I time to test. Just wondering theoretically what would happen if I have a deployment of a process with its start task as a timer event, such as

<startEvent id="theStart">

Then I deploy it again, creating a v2 in Camunda.

Q1: Will it on 1st december trigger for both (one for v1, one for v2) or will it trigger once only for v2?

Q2: If it’s 10th of december when v1 has triggered twice already, and I upload a new deployment (creating v2) where timeCycle is now R4/2020-01-01T12:00/P1W, will v1 continue to also trigger on 15th and 22nd in addition to the new v2 January timer? Or will it cancel the v1 timer altogether and only run v2 in January 2020, skipping the last two cycles of v1?

Hi @jilleJr,

As soon as v2 is deployed, the job for v1 is replaced by the job for v2.

If you deploy v2 before 2019-12-01T12:00, only v2 will trigger. If you deploy v2 after that, v1 has already triggered and v2 will immediately trigger as well.

The latter is correct. v1 is cancelled entirely and only v2 will trigger in 2020.


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Cool! Thx for fast reply