Timers for camunda

Hi is there any way to make a process so that after the first User task, the remaining process (in green box) would have its own timer for the whole process to finish?

Timer boundary event can be attached to subprocess. So you can add all your activities “surrounded by green box” inside a subprocess and attach a timer boundary event to it.

Read about timer boundary event in below docs


Hey, i was wondering is there a way to catch the timer event trigger? I mean when the time is up it goes to the next task can i catch that using java Springboot? any ideas how?

Hi @Valentinas_Vaiceliun,

what you will want to do to catch the timer event is something like the following:

In this example you set the timer event as a boundary event for the whole subprocess. In the property panel of the timer event you can specify the timer definition type (more info here). And in the timer definition field you can set the desired values for this timer (more info here).

With this process you can set the timer event for the whole subprocess and handle the event in a task that follows this boundary event.

Hope that heps


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What are you trying to achieve?
If you want to execute some code in case of time is up then connect the timer to service task where you could execute some custom code.

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Thank you a lot!

Thank you again :slight_smile: