Timezone Problem

I get the message in the browser:
Error in localization configuration :
“en” is declared as available locale, but no such locale file exists.

and in the filter area appears FILTERS_LOADING_FAILURE

CAM_WIDGET_FOOTER_TIMEZONE appears in the Timezone area

This error occurs since 7.13.
Would you have a solution for me?

Yours sincerely Frank

It sounds like you have missing translations files. In your tasklist webapp deployment, do you have en.json file? In tomcat for example, this would be under ${TOMCAT_DIR}/webapps/camunda/app/tasklist/locales/.

I’d also be curious if you have any errors in your logs you could share.

Good evening,

i am also surprised because i work with docker and it works in one environment and not in another.

The files are all there.

Could I find the cause by debugging?

What should I set in logback.xml?

With kind regards

You could start with looking at the network requests in the browser. Do you see a successful network request for en.json like below in my screenshot?

I’d be interested if there is an error and if so, in what the error is. And if there’s any errors in your Camunda web app server logs. You mentioned docker, are you running from a Camunda published docker image? If so, which one? If not, how did you deploy Camunda?


I can test it tomorrow morning, but I use the official image and with 7.12 everything works, but 7.13 doesn’t.

FROM camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat

Thank you and best wishes

My screenshot is also from camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat-7.13.0. I noticed that you indicated FROM which makes me think you’re extending it. Can you post your dockerfile and the run command you’re using? Might help recreate and narrow down the issue.

Hello, it is probably not a browser problem.


The construction is somewhat more complicated due to Keycloak.

Sounds like another case of “the devil is in the details”. Can you share your dockerfile?.. you indicated 7.13 doesn’t work, but your screenshot says 7.14.0-SNAPSHOT

The error occurs since 7.13, i.e. in 7.13 and 7.14Dockerfile.camunda-bpm-tomcat.txt (7.5 KB)

I see. I’ll take a quick look at the Dockerfile.

I also noticed in your screenshot that your network requests were for the welcome webapp. Does it happen in tasklist and cockpit as well? Are there any errors in your browser console?

The problem occurs in all apps and all browsers in one technical environment. In another company the problems do not occur.

If I use 7.12, the problem will not occur.
It must be the environment, but how can I limit it?

As you can see in the screenshot below, the translations are cached in local storage, maybe yours are corrupt/missing/bad… have you tried an incognito window or clearing your cache?

Thanks for the hint, I will test it tomorrow.

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a network error occurs in the Edge.
The browser memory was empty.
The timezone specification is OK.
But there is still the error in the display of the filter.

With kind regards