Token Simulation update

Good morning! I have a question about the latest releases (well, ten different versions just in May :scream: ) of the Token Simulation extension, possibly for @nikku .
There has been a complete rewrite of the token simulation behaviour and I was asking why, and what are the next “milestones”.
I am asking about this because I was working on the previous release (0.11.1) for simulation handling (I made some modification to allow to trigger the simulation manually, step-by-step for each element), handling message flow and, well, I cannot merge them.
Not a problem, sincerely. Anyway I am really interested on this extension and I would like to understand the new Simulator behaviour, which it seems to me completely different than before.
Thank you very much!

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Hi @daimadoshi85! Thanks for reaching out. I’m happy to shed some light on what we did and why we did it. Did you already have the chance to look at the changelog, specifically the indicated breaking changes? If not, I’d ask you to do that.

I also recommend you to checkout the following presentation that sheds some light on the internals (what we did and why we did it): bpmn-js Token Simulation Internals - An update on recent improvements.


Hi @nikku! I already read the changelog and I was looking at the code, but your presentation definitely can help me understanding how it works now. Thank you very much! Is there a roadmap of the next changes?

We did achieve what we set out to do and do not plan to follow up for the time being.

I made some modification to allow to trigger the simulation manually, step-by-step for each element

This is now supported out of the box by the simulator via it’s API:


It is just not exposed via the UI yet. Read more on our rationale in this comment.

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Well, ok! If you don’t mind, I already implemented the UI, I just have to support this new API and then I’ll make a pull request :slight_smile: