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We are a team of process engineers, who design operational processes with BPMN (online, with Cawemo, or on desktop with Camunda Modeler, Camunda Platform 7, version 5.9.0). Our proceses don’t have anything to do with programming (!) and we are no IT people, so please bear with us >.<".

After we had drawn our processes, we would like to present them to our organization and train the colleagues accordingly. For the pupose of presentation and training we are trying to use the Token Simulator - either the online version or the plugin for Camunda Modeler. We encountered following issues and would like to ask you for help:

  1. Example process:

This map contains a sub-process (“Extra charges handling”). When we use the token simulator, the token stops at the sub-process and we are not able to figure out the way how to move it further till the end. Is there a way we can set up the simulator so that the token does not stop at sub-processes?

  1. How can we start the token simulation with a keyboard key? We found that you can pause and play the simulation with the spacebar, but the spacebar does not work for starting the simulation, it only pauses and plays the simulation after you click the start icon at the start event with the mouse. The reason it would be useful is that sometimes we have pretty large maps where we don’t want to go back to the beginning of the map just to press the icon at the start event. We would rather like to press a keyboard key and wait for the token to arrive at the section which we are currently looking at.
    If there is no such key yet, we would like to suggest to add it to the simulator.

  2. As mentioned, some of our process maps are huge and contain lots of possible paths. When we are focusing on discussion of only a certain part of the map which leads to e.g. 3 different paths to go futher, we would like to start the simulation not at the very beginning, but at the certain point where we are looking at currently. Is that possible? How can we specify a starting point for the token which is other than the start event?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Just making a note here that our above questions were replied to in the other forum.
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