Tradeoffs compared to

I’d be interested in what the team and current users feel are the pro’s/con’s/equivalents and best use cases of Zeebe vs

I’ve had a look at Zeebe | Camunda Cloud Docs and, while helpful, I don’t have a complete view of the nuances and considerations for a decision. is a pure code solution. I haven’t written a system with it yet, but @salaboy and I had a long Twitter discussion with some advocates and the founder. It seems like the big difference is that with Zeebe you get BPMN, which means your cross-org conversation has an artefact that never goes out of date and that everyone in the business can understand.

The counter-argument was that coders don’t like BPMN (I get it - who wants to go from writing parameterized reducers to drawing pictures, amirite?).

Of course, if you have stakeholders who don’t speak code, then this means you aren’t making diagrams in Confluence that are out of date before you even finish them (the situation that lead me to Zeebe - solution: “we’re going to run this system off the diagrams in Confluence using the BPMN plugin!”)

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I had another look at Temporal, to see about standing up a quick demo with it. No Node.js SDK. I’ll try it with Go when I have a bit more time.

I mentioned Temporal and its contrast with Zeebe in this blog post:

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Alpha release of NodeJs is a few weeks out: GitHub - temporalio/sdk-node: Temporal NodeJS SDK