Translate/transform Camunda 8 diagram to camunda 7

Hello, I have the following diagram and I need to translate it to camunda 7, is there an easy way to do it, or do I have to recreate it all over again?
spadvalle-bpmn.bpmn (617.0 KB)

What is Camunda 8 specific about it?

Hello @Daniel_Perilla ,

for a quick’n’dirty solution, just adjust the definitions attributes modeler:executionPlatform=“Camunda Platform” and modeler:ExecutionPlatformVersion=“7.18.0” and the modeler will load the model as Camunda 7 model. Adjustments like expressions etc. would require manual adjustment.

Currently, we are working on the opposite way of migration. Now I wonder why you would like to “downgrade” it?