Trigger any bpmn standard workflows from Zeebe task

A service task in a Zeebe workflow, we can set it up for triggering other external workflows like Camunda Workflow/Flowable/jBPM,etc ??

Hi @aravindhrs, from a technical standpoint, this is something you could do. It sounds like this topic overlaps a bit with the thread: Cross workflow communication between Zeebe & Camunda. Is the use case you have in mind the same one that you mention in that thread?

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of flexibility regarding how you implement a job worker for a Service Task in Zeebe–most important is that the job worker embeds the Zeebe client so that it can request jobs from the broker and then notify the broker when a job is complete or when job completion failed. The business logic in the job worker is entirely up to you.

Let me know if this makes sense!



Thanks @wints