Troubles with collapsed sub processes

Hello everybody,
Version 2.0.3 shows some strange behavior when expanding sub processes and collapsing them again. The path of the sequence flows connected to the sub process and the position of the collapsed sub process change and this makes the diagram virtually unreadable (see example).

This behavior was different in version 1.16.2. though not perfect.
Do you have any ideas for a workaround or will there be a fix in the near future?
Best regards,

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for writing about this issue. The problem was in diagram-js library, but it was already fixed with this pull request. As soon as the new version of library is released and updated in the Modeler, the problem should disappear.



Hi Maciej,
Thank you for your swift answer! I’m looking forward to the new version.
BTW: It’s a great piece of software your modeler.
Best regards,