Trying to start war project

i’m running tomcat server as docker image and i uploaded war file to the server and trying to start the process but i get this error

I used your tutorial on youtube Tutorial: Camunda Enterprise Edition for Java Developers (Video 2) - YouTube

Thanks in advance

Can you describe in more detail exactly what you’re doing to deploy this?

hi , i’m using your tutorial except i’m using tomcat as docker image on my server so i don’t have wildfly folder to move war file to it so i’m trying to deploy it … i don’t know is it right or not but how can i run war file if i’m using tomcat as docker image ?

If you want to deploy a the war file in a tomcat distro you need to put the WAR file into a the webapps folder.

yes i get that from the video tutorial but what should i do if i deploy tomcat as dockerimage so there’s no folder

You can write a docker compose file that moves the war file you want into the correct folder upon startup.