Unable to access all the the process instances data in optimize

Hi community,

I’m trying to generate an optimize report and it is not showing all the processes data present in the operate screen and not generating the heat map for all the process instances

Data about some processes is not even present in the elastic search

can anybody explain me why it is happening

your suggestions and insights would be helpful

Hello my brother!

Couldn’t this be related to your loadbalancer or elastic search indexes?

William Robert Alves

Hello @WilliamR.Alves ,

Yes, It is related to elastic search indexes

When we deploy new process and trigger new process instances the data is not getting stored in elastic and the data is inconsistently manipulating

Is there a way to debug it or it will be generally happening with optimize

You can use Elasticsearch’s _search API to look for possible problems related to indexes, and you can also create a controlled environment to create your test scenarios.

I hope this helps.

William Robert Alves