Unable to create Non-Interrupting events in Modeler


I am relatively new to Camunda and am no able to model a boundary non-interrupting event (message, timer, or any) in the BPMN diagram. All I am seeing as given options are interrupting events.

I am trying it on the Camunda Modeler downloaded from this site.

Being new to the tool, I might be missing something very straightforward and would appreciate any help in resolving this doubt.

Thanks in advance!!

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The menu you are showing looks like the options for an intermediate event. If you put an intermediate event on the boundary of a task or subprocess etc, then you should see the options for non interuppting events…



Hello Dappy,

I suspect you are facing a issue with a simple solution. Try to attach the event dragging it from the left panel, not choosing it from the menu of the task. When I try to do it using the task menu, it shows a forbidden signal and the task turns red. I assume this menu is programmed just to quickly draw an external event, not a boundary one.

Hope it helps!