Unable to edit a reply in a topic

Hi community,

When i try to edit my reply in camunda 8 topics, I’m getting an 403 error

Hey @Praveen_Kumar_Reddy, let me investigate this! :mag:

I checked all our settings, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with our settings or Discourse.

A few questions?

  • Are you using a VPN or firewall?

  • Does the same error happen if you remove the code snippet in the reply?

Hi @miamoore ,

Previously I have used VPN, I have disconnected it and tried to reply, It gave me the same error

Now I have tried removing the code snippet, It works fine

What would be the issue with code snippet causing me 403 error :thinking:

Thanks for the information! It’s super weird, right?

I found some posts from Discourse users with the same issue, I think it might be our WAF on our installation thinking the code is an injection attack.

I’m going to talk to our IT department and report back :slight_smile:

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