Unable to login to keycloak


I have installed C8 self managed using helm charts on AKS cluster and used nginx for ingress controller (combined).
All the pods are up and running and able to open the keycloak web console. However when I go into Keycloak admin page (/auth) and couldn’t sign in using admin/admin.
Not sure what are the default credentails to login to keycloak or any setup required apart from helm installation?

Also, I don’t have option to add new users using identity except default login creds demo/demo.

Appreciate the inputs!

Hi @Arjun1007
I think you can check the admin password in the K8s secrets.
For example:

kubectl get secret --namespace <namespace> "c8-keycloak" -o jsonpath="{.data.admin-password}" | base64 -d

Note: Replace <namespace> and "c8-keycloak" with you actual values


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