Unable to retrieve data by id after initial request to Camunda

My process ClientValidation is defined in camunda UI:

I make a [nodejs] request to it with my data to URL:

and receive this response:
links=[method=GET, href=, rel=self], id=9a08b66e-183e-11e6-a852-080027bf700c, definitionId=client-validation:1:6c17e60e-11e4-11e6-b3be-0800274f2cef, businessKey=null, caseInstanceId=null, ended=true, suspended=false

Now I try to retrieve data and this is what I get from these three REST requests:

{“type”: “InvalidRequestException”,“message”: “Process instance with id 9a08b66e-183e-11e6-a852-080027bf700c does not exist”}


{“links”: [],“id”: “076c2f2d-11d7-11e6-b3be-0800274f2cef”,“definitionId”: “invoice:1:07222db1-11d7-11e6-b3be-0800274f2cef”,“businessKey”: null,“caseInstanceId”: null,“ended”: false,“suspended”: false},{“links”: [],“id”: “083069ad-11d7-11e6-b3be-0800274f2cef”,“definitionId”: “invoice:1:07222db1-11d7-11e6-b3be-0800274f2cef”,“businessKey”: null,“caseInstanceId”: null,“ended”: false,“suspended”: false},


In the last response you see ‘invoice’ which is default Invoice Receipt process definition from demo Camunda.

Could you please guide me where might be the problem? I am unable to retrieve any results by id.

Could it be also incorrect definition of the process? I deploy war file like this
mvn clean install
cp target/client-process-0.8.5-SNAPSHOT.war /home/vagrant/camunda/server/apache-tomcat-8.0.24/webapps/

Hi John,

it seems that your process instance is already ended.

To get historic process instances use /history/process-instance/{id}

Does this help you?