Unable to see all the gateway options in modeler


Any idea why I can’t see the OR gateway? I’m new to Camunda

You have selected the XOR-Gateway.
You just see those that are not selected so you can select one of them.

Sorry what I meant was the Inclusive gateway

Have you installed any Plugins?
There are plugins to reduce the palette of symbols for brevity.

Haven’t installed any plugins. The case is the same for the web modeler and the desktop modeler

When you choose File > New you have to select Camunda Platform and not Cloud.
In Cloud you do not have the full palette.

I’m already selecting Camunda Platform. However, I just tried choosing Camunda 7 instead of 8 and suddenly all the gateways show normally.

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This is because Camunda 8 does not support the full palette of symbols, yet.

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I see, thank you

Hi, how you choose camunda 7, Im new user and my camunda is automatically set to 8

When you create a new BPMN File you can choose the Platform Version:
via File >> new File >> BPMN Diagram (Camunda Platform 7)

or when you start the modeler you can choose from the landing page: