Unable to see history tab on Camunda cockpit

Not able to see the history tab on Camunda Cockpit . Requirement tis to see the generated audit trail for the processes in the camunda. Do I need to add a cockpit plugin “Camunda Statistics Plugin” to see the history and runtime overlays?

Kindly advice.

The history view is only available in the enterprise edition of cockpit. You’ll need to use the Rest API to query the engine if you want to get information about historical processes.

Thank you for that quick response. Foe me to see the logs in community edition , will the cockpit plugin help?
Any references /links you can share .


There isn’t a plugin that i know of that will give you the ability to see the history visually, but you could easily get the raw data by using the History Service.

Thanks again Nial.

When googled , found about the “Camunda Statistics Plugin”, where we need to get it from github , build and deploy it. Don’t know if anyone have integrated to camunda successfully.

Unfortunately i know know much about that plugin as it’s a community extension and not part of Camunda’s platform.