Undeploy/delete a workflow

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Can you guide me in un-deploying or delete a workflow. Is it possible? if yes, how can I delete/undeploy any workflow using java/spring?

Hi @manish, a quick search of the Forum reveals this: How to undeploy a workflow


thank you @jwulf. I will go through the link

I found this in the the solution that you suggest.
"One way to implement this would be to have a “undeploy” command that marks a workflow as “undeployed”, but does not delete it. This would allow running instances to continue, but no new instances to be started, and it would be hidden from the list of deployed workflows."

So Can you please let me know how to use undeploy command in java or if you have any document link then please share it with me.
Thanks in advance.


“would be” not “is”… It’s a hypothetical suggestion for the implementation.

How do we take care of sample deployed bpmn files which needs to be removed from cluster? Without clean up, it is becoming difficult to maintain valid bpmn files. Thanks.

Hi @raghung,

Please refer to the GitHub issue above for the current status.