Undeploying Process from cockpit issue

I build the war file with SpringProcessEngineConfiguration and deploy it was a application into tomcat/camunda. I have 2 issues wih this approach:

  1. It deploys 1 application to tomcat , but the cockpit shows 2 deplyments have the same BPMN files. The first deployment is named same as the war file name and the second deployment is named “SpringAutoDeployment”. I checked the versions of the BPMN files, buth are of same version ie 1.0

  2. When I undeploy the tomcat application it does not undeploy the “SpringAutoDeployment”, but deletes the application with the war file name. the problem is when I try to redeploy the app “SpringAutoDeployment” has version 1 and the redeployed application (the one with the war file name) marks the bpmn files as version 2.

What I am looking is not have the “SpringAutoDeployment” deployed in cockpit and always want to see only one deployment. how can it be done?


Hi @adat,

Not exactly sure what you are doing. I guess the deployment labeled SpringAutoDeployment is created because your application embeds a process engine created via SpringProcessEngineConfiguration and uses the configuration property for automated resource deployment, right?

How is the second deployment created? Are you mixing this with a shared engine, process-application-based approach?


found the issue
I have "SpringProcessEngineConfiguration " which had this property. This was loading the resource files from the classpath as "SpringAutoDeployment " and the application would also deploy these files as part of application…but the versions were the same. After removing this I have one deployment shown in cockpit and no more "SpringAutoDeployment ".

 <property name="deploymentResources">
    <!--   <property name="enableExpressionsInAdhocQueries"  value="true" /> -->