Understanding the Impact of @EnableProcessApplication on BPMN Process Auto-Deployment

I have two BPMN processes in my Spring Boot project. When I start the project, both processes are automatically deployed. I commented out the @EnableProcessApplication annotation, but the auto-deployment behavior at startup did not change.

Could you please explain why commenting out this annotation does not stop the auto-deployment?

Hello my friend!

When you use this annotation @EnableProcessApplication, you need to configure a processes.xml in the META-INF folder.

And so spring will look at this file and no longer look at the default config.

You have the option of leaving this processes.xml file blank, but then spring will use the default value for “isScanForProcessDefinition” which is true… and this will cause your bpmns to be deployed.

See the official documentation below, and I believe it will resolve your doubt.

The processes.xml Deployment Descriptor | docs.camunda.org

Hope this helps.

William Robert Alves