Unknown execution platform was detected

New to Camunda. Created a process flow in the Web tool, saved it as a .bpmn file locally, opened the local client (“desktop” Modeler), and get this error: ‘Oops! An unknown execution platform (Camunda Cloud 8.1.0) was detected. Do you believe “clinical-decision-process.bpmn” is valid CLOUD-BPMN diagram? Post this error with your diagram in our forum for help.’

clinical-decision-process.bpmn (52.8 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Hugh and welcome,

Which version of the Desktop Modeler are you using? You can find the version in bottom-right corner of the modeler.
Camunda 8.1 was introduced together with Desktop Modeler 5.4.1, so you may need to upgrade.

5.3.0. Hmmm, seems like that’s a good place to start!

Corporate policy won’t allow upgrade. Any ideas how to open a .bpmn file created in the web interface in the desktop tool? Is there an edit that can be made to the raw file? Or, is there an alternative way to “export” the model created in the web interface so that it can be read by the desktop tool?

You can set the version in your web modeler (bottom-left):

Camunda Desktop Modeler version 5.3.0 can handle Zeebe up to version 8.0.


That worked. Thanks.