Unknown property used in expression

Hi, I’m trying to run JUnit tests to a camunda model, everything goes well but got an error in an particualr send task.

Unknown property used in expression: ${MailResubmissionInvitationReminder}

<bpmn:sendTask id="SendTask_0tp9j8q" name="send reminder" camunda:delegateExpression="${MailResubmissionInvitationReminder}"> <bpmn:incoming>SequenceFlow_1ie059g</bpmn:incoming> <bpmn:outgoing>SequenceFlow_10665ef</bpmn:outgoing> </bpmn:sendTask>

The class :

public class MailResubmissionInvitationReminder implements JavaDelegate
MandrillMailer mandrillMailer;

public void execute(DelegateExecution execution)
	Integer amountOfMonths = 3 + ((Integer) execution.getVariable("loopCounter"));
	execution.setVariable("timePeriod", amountOfMonths.toString() + " months");
	mandrillMailer.send(execution, (String) execution.getVariable("toEmail"), (String) execution.getVariable("name"), "ad-reminder-after-agree");


The stacktrace does not provide much more information than what I posted… Any help? thanks

Hi @paulolobao,

Are you sure your Spring bean’s name is MailResubmissionInvitationReminder?


Hi @thorben

Sorry wrong bean same code…

public class MailResubmissionInvitationReminder implements JavaDelegate


Just posted the wrong one, but the erro is the same. Can you help me?

try lowercase mailResubmissionInvitationReminder which is the default


that worked, thanks :wink:

lowercase class name?

I have the same issue but it happens randomly. Sometimes I have an incident and sometimes i don’t.
Anyway I will try your solution :slight_smile: