Upcoming comunda forum on 29th May

Has anyone successfully registered to upcoming event in 2 days?

I get notice of successful registration in web site, but no followup email or details of how to join the webinar

If this topic is not suitable for the forum (I saw no other option), please delete/remove it.

FYI @salaboy

@Eetay thanks for reporting that back… I will check with the people in charge of the event.

@Eetay did you received a “thanks for registering email” ? can you check your spam folder?

No. Checked the junk as well, and tried 2 different email addresses @salaboy

@Eetay that is strange… they told me that they will send a follow up email with the details of the event probably tomorrow… Please get back if you don’t get that one

Got it today. Tx @salaboy!

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@salaboy, was great e-meeting you and rest of team. Hope there will be additional zeebe-focused Comunda forums in near future! great product

@Eetay thanks for joining! there will be for sure… I will be part of the question corner from now on, so feel free to join and ask questions if you want to. Also if you have some projects to share you are welcome.