Update camunda from 7.11 to 7.16 seemed to work - but the database was not updated during the process

I updated Camunda and it came up back running–even without updates to the database schema! Is this possible? Or will I run into issues later on?

Up to now, I used Camunda 7.11, together with SpringBoot 2.1.6.RELEASE. Today, I updated my pom.xml to use Camunda 7.16 and SpringBoot 2.5.4.

by the way, I use PostgreSQL.

Hi @timostolz,

testing only the engine start is not enough.

You will get errors once you start or continue a process instance.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks a lot! I updated the database, doing this:

  • I went to JFrog for …/camunda-sql-scripts/7.16.0
  • downloaded the zip file
  • applied the following sql scripts from the contained “upgrade” folder
    • postgres_engine_7.11_to_7.12.sql
    • postgres_engine_7.12_to_7.13.sql
    • postgres_engine_7.13_to_7.14.sql
    • postgres_engine_7.14_to_7.15.sql
    • postgres_engine_7.15_to_7.16.sql

With regard to the database, will this suffice?

Hi @timostolz,

we generally advise all users to apply the patch-upgrades as well.

They are not included in the minor version upgrades.

If you get errors about duplicate entries, you can skip the scripts. Reasons for patches would be overlaying backports (e.g. a fix in 13.5 ported to 12.11).

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you – those would be all the files with “patch” in their names, right? E.g.

  • postgres_engine_7.11_patch_7.11.2_to_7.11.3.sql
  • postgres_engine_7.11_patch_7.11.7_to_7.11.8.sql
  • postgres_engine_7.11_patch_7.11.18_to_7.11.19.sql

and, then, afterwards

  • postgres_engine_7.11_to_7.12.sql

Is this right? Do I miss other migrations? Could their be migrations like postgres_identity_... instead of postgres_engine_? Or what’s the way to upgrade the ACT_ID_{GROUP,MEMBERSHIP,USER} tables?

And the version numbers 13.5 and 12.11 – what are they pointing to? I use Camunda since version 7.11 and want to upgrade to 7.16.