Update process resource without deploying new version

We’ve deployed a process model that has many instances currently running. We have a FormIO resource driving a user interface that let’s users report hours when completing a task. Unfortunately a validation check was added that we didn’t find that is preventing users from entering more than 15 hours.

With the number of processes currently running it would be painful to restart them all in a new version.

Is it possible to update a resource for a deployment and have it effect existing process instances?

I see there is a Redeploy function on the API that sounded promising, but it just takes resources names/ids without any new content for those resources.

Thanks for you help.

Why not deploy the new version and use the migrate API to move all your processes to the new version?


Note that the Cockpit Map that is shown at the end is EE not CE.

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Not quite as lightweight as swapping the resource, but this seems to have done the job. Thank you.