Upgrading 7.5.0 to 7.10.0

My company is in the process of upgrading Camunda 7.5.0 to 7.10.0. We are planning to upgrade the DB schema first and then apply the Camunda library update. So for some time version 7.5 of the process engine will be working with version 7.10 of the DB. The documentation claims that such upgrade is possible only from one minor version to the other.

Is there a particular reason as to why a rolling upgrade is only possible only from one minor version to the other? If 7.5 -> 7.6 is possible, 7.6 > 7.7 then, by induction, 7.5 -> 7.7 should also be possible, right? Same rationale applies for the 7.5 -> 7.10 upgrade.

My questions is: Has anyone attempted this (or similar) upgrade path? Are there any particular issues with it?

Thanks in advance.