Url link in form

Hi Camunda gurus,
I’m using docker version of Camunda and having a question as following.

Is there any way to provide url link to user?

it seems string variable of the form doesn’t allow url link etc.
any comment will be highly appreciated.

Can you provide an example of what you tried and what isn’t working?

I have a variable imageUrl to show photo
with value “http://secure.kakaocdn.net/dna/uQyjI/K6aSXhAS3A/XXX/img_org.jpg?credential=Kq0eSbCrZgKIq51jh41Uf1jLsUh7VWcz&expires=1605147478” …

but task form shows as following

is there anyway to create hyper link ?

i.e. I’d like to have <a href="{{imageUrl}}" …

instead of input field.

I think I found an answer.
using embedded taskForm with eclipse is the answer. :slight_smile:

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