Usage of Camunda7 enterprise version

In enterprise edition I see the latest Camunda 7 version available as " 7.19.0-alpha3-ee/". Also we have “7.18.4-ee” version.

What is the difference between these? Can we use the latest version (7.19.0-alpha3-ee) for our purpose.
Also in order to resolve these pom dependency what settings.xml file details are required.

Hey @Saju_John_Sebastian1,
the version 7.19.0-alpha3-ee is still a alpha. So you should not use it in your production environment just yet.

But if you are curious what’s included - take a peak here:

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Thanks @Hafflgav for that info.
So as a stable version I think I can go with 7.18.4-ee (correct me).
Could you help in providing details on how can I update these dependencies in pom.xml file.
I do have updated the ~/.m2/settings.xml file as below:

camunda-bpm-nexus-ee USERNAME PASSWORD

But am not getting the dependencies downloaded as per the link “Apache Maven Coordinates |

Yes you are correct - 7.18.4-ee is a stable version. :slight_smile:

Hmm that seems odd. Is there any error shown when trying to fetch the dependencies? :thinking:
Can you try accessing the enterprise artifact storage with your credentials to see whether they are correct?

Looks like the URL ( JFrog) mentioned in the link is not correct. When I replaced that with “JFrog” I was able to get the dependencies sorted properly.

If this is the right approach, I would recommend to update this in the docs to avoid confusion.

So you got it up and running by changing the link to JFrog? :thinking:
If this was all it needed that might be a valuable info for someone at Camunda since the docs should be updated according…

I am just looping in @Niall :slight_smile:
Maybe I have overseen something since I do not have access to the enterprise edition anymore by myself.

Hi @Hafflgav ,
I can not get a tril user for download Enterprise trial version. is there another way to get that?