Use camunda dmn in j2ee project without spring

I want to use a simple dmn decision table in my j2ee application, no business process. Injecting the decisionService fails in my application deployed on jboss 7.0. Is it possible to inject the camunda services without using spring ?

Hi Erikv,

I believe the DMN engine can be used as a standalone library. Here’s an example which embeds it in an AWS lambda function. In addition here is another Camunda implementation of a DMN engine written in Scala which can also be used as a stand alone library…



Hi Rob,

Thanks for your response!
The first solution (AWS lambda) with only a dependency on camunda-engine-dmn indeed works for my j2ee application too, when using the ‘DmnEngine dmnEngine = new DefaultDmnEngineConfiguration().buildEngine()’ construct.
I’m still wondering if it would be possible to inject this dmnEngine in my session bean, instead of building/creating it…