Use Camunda for CRUD applications

I am evaluating several tool and approaches for Rapid Application Development of business CRUD based applications.

I would like to ask IF (not how, I will find myself) Camunda can do an application like this:

  • user logins
  • user sees a big list of items with a filter on top that can filter with complex jpa/sql query
  • user selects an item and choose “modify” “new from” “delete”, or “view only”
  • an form page opens quite complex (with dynamic combo box and one to many relationships). I can modify the look of the page mimicking a printed form
  • user can modify save or cancel
  • the user go again to first page with the list

Then we can have more than one list to edit.
It is a classical CRUD app.

Thanks in advance for any help,

How is this related to the Camunda Modeler?