Use Camunda Modeler plugins with bpmnJS Modeler?

the Camunda Modeler searches for available plug-ins in a specific directory on startup.

Is it correct that this behavior is not supported by the bpmn.js modeler (

I would like to be able to use plugins unchanged in both situations.
Is there already a solution?

@fitbit you can build something similar like this:

thank you very much for your answer.

My question wasn’t about how to extend bpmn-js, but how to use plugins without customization in Camunda modeler and with bpmn-js.

Probably an extension for bpmn-js is necessary, which like the Camunda modeler searches a folder for plugins and includes them when loading.

Does such a solution already exist?
And is this approach reasonable and promising?

@fitbit, There’s no such solutions available out of the box. The given example is for your reference. So you can try implement your usecase using the reference