Use message start events in different BPM diagrams


I would like to design my business rules using a parent.bpmn diagram that will be linked to child.bpmn diagrams through “message start events”. As I’ll have more than 30 subprocess diagrams it’s not convenient to have them all on the parent.bpm. Basically, I would like to mimic the following example using different diagrams for each subprocess:

I started with a very simple parent diagram:

dispatch_main.bpmn (3.1 KB)

Linked to the following child diagram:
dispatch_subprocess_1.bpmn (2.3 KB)

I deployed my diagrams using the camunda modeler deployment button into my camunda engine (started using springboot). Unfortunately the subprocess user task has no token, probably indicating that the two processes are not communication between each other.

Any idea why?

Thanks, Ch.

You haven’t implemented the send event:

You can watch this video to get more details about how to implement it.

Thanks @Niall for your reactivity, greatly appreciated! Indeed the solution was the “implementation” placeholder.

I used:
${execution.getProcessEngineServices().getRuntimeService().createMessageCorrelation("Hello").correlateWithResult()} as my message name was “hello”.

Thanks again, Ch.