Use of cockpit for state engine representation

I just wanted to use the cockpit and process engine automation to model the workflow for now.
My business entity moves thru 8 states and i just wanted to show that on the cockpit using some automation e.g.
I just wanted to start a process and move it thru the various stages by invoking some camunda API or may be using camunda sdk to just move state.
Can someone help in this trivial exercise as I am unable to figure this out

Thanks in advance

Hi @Vipul_Popat
This seems very straightforward, what have you tried so far and what problems are you having?
Have you tried following any tutorial videos?


Have seen a lot of tutorial videos but i cant find what i require i.e. an API to just move the workflow from one state to another.
It has examples of JavaDelegate and service activities but that dosent work for me.
Kindly help and send me the urls of a few videos and i would check those out

You can use process instance modification to change the state easily.