Use of Parallel Gateway

Hi, I’m a bit confused about the usage of the parallel gateway
What’s the difference between the following two BPMN? with and without parallel gateway.
I found for both scenarios, tasks are in different threads. It seems that they are parallel no matter if I put the gateway.
test.bpmn (6.6 KB)
test.bpmn (7.8 KB)

Hey @singlash ,

both models behave the same way. The BPMN standard allows implicit modeling (modeling without gateways). Hence whenever you have multiple outgoing sequence flows from one BPMN symbol they will behave like a parallel gateway and split up into multiple tokens.
But be careful with implicit modeling because when multiple sequence flows point at one BPMN symbol the arriving tokens behave like at a XOR Gateway. That means tokens won’t synchronize.

In general our best practice recommends always to model explicitly and use the gateways to prevent semantic errors. Additionally it is easier for other people to understand the model. And normally we use the models to explain other people our systems.

I hope that helps
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Thank you so much for explaining!

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