Use "Spring Eventing Bridge" in "Tomcat Standalone"


We are using Camunda with C# therefore we don’t use the spring boot version of camunda. We use the Tomcat standalone version.

I want to get a notification if a “Service Task” needs to be processed.

We also take in account to use the “camunda-bpm-reactor” libary and integrate it as plugin. But it is not well maintained and the plugin class that extends from “AbstractProcessEnginePlugin” has no default constructor and needs to be added manually. (Not the best choice)

Is there a way to register “Spring Eventing Bridge” like here: Spring Eventing Bridge |
in a custom Plugin?


Creae a new “ServletProcessApplication” and register it in a custom plugin, like here:

Something like this:

public class Plugin extends AbstractProcessEnginePlugin {
    public void postProcessEngineBuild(final ProcessEngine processEngine) { 
           processEngine.getManagementService().registerProcessApplication("dddd", new InvoiceProcessApplication().getReference());