Use Springboot application to run Camunda Enterprise Edition

Hi everyone,

I’m using to create a springboot application. I was wondering is there any way I can use the springboot application to run an enterprise edition of camunda, what settings I need to change in the pom.xml file. ? Thank you.


There are few changes you need to make and they’re all detailed in the docs.

If you have an enterprise license, feel free to reach out to Enterprise support and they can help you through it.

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Yes, we do have a license key. Actually, we’re running out of time. we need to deploy the engine in few hours or so. Not sure how much time it will take for the support team to respond.

Will it be the only change I need to do in the pom file? or there is something more?

There’s more, it’s detailed in the docs.
Support are quite fast. I’d give them a shot.

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