Use the same name in cam-variable-name

I have two select fields in my form that only appear depending on the choice in another select, I use ng-show to do this only that in this select field I can’t use the same cam-variable-name. How do I get to get names with the same since in the form will only appear one of them.

Hi @MarceloCP,

have you tried ng-if instead of ng-show? Maybe this will solve the issue.

If not, you can create your own onchange event handlers for the input fields and use the camForm.variableManager to set the variable this way (i.e. don’t use the cam-variable-name component).

Let me know if you need further advice

With ng-if it accepts equal names but does not save variable values, so I used cam script to create cam-variable-name after submitting the form. Thank you for your help