User has no create Filter button in Camunda 7.5.3 ee

When I log as Camunda Admin I can see the button, but when I log as a custom user I can’t.

Can you tell me what authorization is the use missing?

I created the Authorization with ResourceId = 5, permission ALL, with the right group



Hi Edmondo,

if I am not mistaken, you have to set the resourceType to 5 and the resourceId should be "*"


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how is this possible through the Camunda Admin webapp?

The resourceType is set to 5 automatically when you go to the Filter section in the Authorizations menu. You can check that it is set correctly using the browser console.

Isn’t that the visibility / authorization of each specific filter? I have to give the permission to create new filters, not to access the existing ones.

You can set the authorizations for specific filters there, too. But if you assign "*" as resource id, you get the authorization to create filters. Otherwise you would get into a situation where a user can create filters, but is then unable to see them.

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