User info for open rest web services


Need help. I want to log user info to DB for all the operations to the Camunda engine. We are using only the open Rest API. Please suggest how to pass the user info to update the user info for all the CRUD operation to the engine.

History mode is set to FULL while bootstrapping the engine.

Camunda history does not provide an auditing trail in this level of detail. You can see here what is logged: If that is not enough, I suggest you implement a custom servlet filter around the REST API and log all requests into a custom backend.


Link shared by you is very helpful and thi is what i am looking for, But for open web service.

How can I achieve this ?
In our scenario, Authentication is currently outside of camunda engine, i.e in another application. And we are using open web service without any authentication with Camunda to communicate with the engine. We want to log the user name with the rest call to trace who performed the operation. Kindly suggest.