User operation log empty


we want to have a trace of all user activities on tasks. We use the history service to create a user operation log query but it shows no results. History configuration is set to FULL but looking at the database the act_hi_op_log is not getting populated if doing things like that:

formService.submitTaskForm(id, workflowTaskResponse.getFormFields());

What could be the reason?



I think we are not logging on submit but on complete.
Could you try to complete the task also and check the operations log?

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Thanks Yana,

we figured out our mistake.

We are running a subroutine that creates a comment in between authentication and task submission. In there we are also doing authentication and deauthentication. That why the authentication was gone at task submission time and the operation not logged.

Sorry for the confusion.

Hi @f_a,

Happy to hear you managed to resolved it.

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