User Task completion error

I have multiple user tasks in my flow. we have designed UI for each user buckets, and user can query Tasks and act on it. sometimes, when user try to complete user tasks (after queried from the user bucket), getting ‘Cannot find task with id’ error. this is happening occasionally. and when retry it works. Kindly assist on this issue.

@Prabhakar_Mariyappan can you upload the bpmn model and provide more details on stack trace.

HI Arvindh,
Below is my bpmn model,

Error trace,

We are using embedded spring boot camunda engine and using “Taskservice” to complete user task.
Please let me know if any more details needed.

Prabhakar M

Hi team, can anyone assist on this issue please.

Show the code of exactly how you’re completing the task and also upload your BPMN model - a picture of it isn’t as useful.

Hi Niall,

Attaching BPMN and more details,

In the above flow, facing below issues,

  1. When ‘MAKER Saves’ (2), the task need to update audit and versioning logic and it will put back to MAKER queue with updated detail. But, it returns to MAKER queue before versioning service completes. We tried ‘AsyncBefore’ and ‘AsyncAfter’ options, still it’s not returning to MAKER queue with updated data.

  2. When ‘CHECKER Approves’ (3), - We are able to query tasks from CHECKER queue and showing in the UI. When User completes (Using TaskService.complete()), getting below task id not found error.

ssi_validator_process.bpmn (13.1 KB)

Kindly check and let me if any issues.


Hi Niall/Team,

Please advise on this issue.


Hi Team, Please advise on this issue.

Hi @Prabhakar_Mariyappan,

For issue 1, are you able to upload the actual BPMN that you’re deploying? It’s hard to say if you have any issues when we’re looking at a version that doesn’t represent what you’re running (e.g. none of your gateways have conditions on the exit flows).

For issue 2, have you done any correlation on the task IDs? e.g. is the one that successfully gets submitted the one that also had previously thrown an error? I could see a scenario, depending on implementation, where reqBean.getTaskIds().get(0) has you submitting the wrong task for completion.

At the end of the day, the quality of the answer you receive here will only be as good as the quality of data we have to look at.

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Hi, Thanks for your response… i have some restrictions to upload actual BPMN… will try to recreate the exact. Actually, we are calling attached BPMN as a call activity from another.