User Task Example

Can a search activity on the internet, or the entry of data into a database via an interface, be considered a User Task?

If you need to wait for a user input before completing the task it’s probably a user task.
If the task can be completed without any user intervention then it’s likely an automated task.


thank you, but in my case, can a research activity for an article on the Internet for a scientific publication be considered a user task?

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Does a user need to confirm something to the process in order for the process to move forward?
If so than yet.
The example you mentioned could of course be automated and if that was the case a human task wouldn’t be accurate

I would say yes, and with Camunda, you could simply create a form with a checkbox “I completed my research” or even a text field to enter the link to the research results, in case they must be passed to another person, or another task.