User task identify approve or reject

Hi Team,

I am new to Camunda. Sorry if this very basic question !
I need to model something like this in my Camunda bpmn.

How can i check or model whether my user task outcome is approved and rejected.
thanks !!


Hello @Ganesh1 ,

from the model, I would assume that the approval is decided in the task „First Task“.

This task is a user task, so it should contain a form that allows a user to interact with the data provided by the process.

In this case, I would assume that you require a variable of type boolean with the name approved or something similar.

In camunda forms, this would be a checkbox.

This form can be bound to the user task. After that, you can use the boolean approved to decide whether you will continue to the task „Second Task“ or go to the lower end event.

Here, you will have to select the outgoing sequence flows and define a condition.




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It helps …Thanks Jonathan Lukas

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