User Task should not be assigned to process initiator

In checker maker flow, how can I make sure a user who initiated the process should not be assigned with user task for checking?
In my case a user belongs to both checker and maker groups.

@gomzee a typical way of implementing this is to configure two task listeners on the checking task. The first is configured for the create event of the task and looks up the user(s) that should not be allowed to execute this task. That can be done based on the historic assignee of the first task, or any other logic you need (such as the initiator of the process). The listener will store a “blacklist” in a task local variable. The variable is used when populating the task screen for a user and filtering any tasks where the user is blacklisted.

The second listener is configured for the assignment event of the task and provides a guard against the blacklist for the case a user somehow circumvents the filtering and attempts to claim the task somehow. In that case, the listener will trip on the user being in the blacklist and throw an exception.